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illustration friday. sprout

En mi casa esta ilustración seguro que causa más de una sonrisa... Tengo un pequeño jacinto, al que le puse de nombre Sprout.
Es increíble verlo renacer cada año.
Michelle Lana | 5.2.07

I love the simplicity of this...great work and love the style

potatomamma | 5.2.07

very cute, I love it!

summbumm77 | 5.2.07


annax | 5.2.07

Gorgeous illustration!

Monica | 5.2.07

Adorei seu estilo, linda ilustracao!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice words. :-)

I'll be visiting you often!

Linda | 5.2.07

Shows she cares for her plant, wonderful!!

Tonje | 5.2.07

I like your style. Very nice.

Gwen | 5.2.07

very cute, I love it !

AnastasiaC | 6.2.07

i love this - great style!!!
she is sweet!


is very cute jeje, por cierto que significa sprout?
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tusen | 8.2.07

great watercolour.