pequeñeces: illustration friday. rejection

illustration friday. rejection

ella creció.
v a l e r i a | 17.6.07

bella ilustracion!

ContradictioN | 17.6.07

yo creo que aun guardo una caja enorme en algun rincon del trastero con todas las munequitas de cuando era peke... :P
quiero una muñequita como esa, como tu! ;)

Rrramone | 17.6.07

This is wonderful and full of feeling. Great job!

bookbabie | 17.6.07

very sweet drawing, nice way to illo the topic this week:)

DaisyB | 17.6.07

Very nice illo, hope she finds a new home to make a kid happy again! ;)

the enigma | 17.6.07

so sweet and sad..

Monica | 17.6.07

Beautiful illustration, very moving. I like to think one day the girl will remember her old toys and find a place for them in her life again...

Tracy | 17.6.07

Precious illustration! :)

Majeak Ann | 17.6.07

siempre lo he encontraro muy triste cuando eso pasa...y es bueno conservar esos recuerdos en una caja.
Muy lindo!
Marjorie Ann*

psychopooch | 18.6.07

one man's trash is another man's treasure. looks like she'll find a new home in no time ;) lovely illo.

nina seven | 19.6.07

nice take on the theme. excellent job!

Dave M! | 20.6.07

Very "Toy Story 2" here. Nice feeling.

My Eye Friday

Twisselman | 22.6.07

Yes. Perfect illustration for the topic. There must be a new home and welcome arms for that doll somewhere.

Pati @-;-- | 23.6.07

Ahhh... qué nostalgia y qué tristeza me inspira esta linda illo que has hecho... de seguro me dejará pensando un buen rato.