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illustration friday. sail

Jen A | 12.8.08

Nice lines - very clean.

viajero | 12.8.08

que bonitas ilustraciones... me encanta todas las cosas que haces...
precioso todo...

Juan | 12.8.08

Simple and Beautiful. I love your line work!

Paola | 12.8.08

Es graciosísima tu ilustración:) Un estilo muy lindo en todos tus trabajos!

INDIGENE | 12.8.08

Lovely and delicate!

jcdillustration | 13.8.08

Fascinating... I wonder if this is a dream she is having?

linda sarah | 13.8.08

wonderful! - I love this character's expression and how tall she is in such a tiny boat - really beautiful and like a poem:-)

Dada's place | 13.8.08

Beautiful! :)